All of our epoxy pigments are mostly composed to put up in our coating and casting epoxies for uniform mixing and setting. All of our epoxy products are mostly composed to put up in our coating and casting epoxies for uniform mixing and setting. The result is where you find the difference. Search out and pick up the best epoxy pigment for your work. To get uniform color pigment, we mix the pigment with the epoxy resin thoroughly. This epoxy resin is used as a coating, paints, Gelcoat, casting, and self-leveling resin. Low-quality pigments are not much preferred due to these high tinting properties. Pigments are mostly used to make painting or coloring agents and are also helpful in corrosion protection water barriers. A pigment is a strong color medium used to color the other materials. A pigment has high tinting strength as compared to the material in color. It is resistant to a solid form at surrounding temperature. Pigments are colored material that is fully insoluble in water. Pigments may be organic or inorganic. Organic pigments are made up of natural source, i.e., contain carbon, whereas inorganic pigments are made by the simple chemical reactions, and it is brighter than organic pigment. Pigments are involved in oil and water-based paints, printing inks, and plastics.

Mica Powder And Metallic Pigments

Mica powder is also known as a non-toxic mineral. It produces a metallic and shimmery look. It is used in a variety of products such as soaps, lotions, and cosmetics. Mica is a natural substance. It is a stone which after grinding, changes into powder form, and its appearance looks like a fine glitter. There are varieties of colors of mica powder. The beautiful shiny natural sparky color will appear when a light-reflecting particle is used. The mica powder, when applied to the rubber stamp project, will give a beautiful look to your work. Mica powder is mostly used for painting to create a beautiful design and to give your project a beautiful look. Mica powder is easy to use. It helps your work to get a beautiful look. Mica powder is used in all home décor and craft projects. Metallic color pigments are an amazing look to give to your work. The mica nanoparticles coated with different organic and inorganic materials are used to make metallic color pigments. This color pigment is used to make lustrous and shiny effects that imitate the natural color of the stone and rocky formation. The metallic pigment makes the material shiny and attractive. Our metallic pigment product is mostly found in hotels, restaurants, commercial and residential places to make the floor attractive.

Colorful Paints

Dyes And Inks

Colorful Glitter

Dyes, a coloring material, is used for many purposes such as decorative, aesthetic material, and artistic purposes. To improve the appearance of the textiles and paper, fluorescent brightening dyes are used. This is also used identifier like purple dye is used in some countries to mark voters when the election is going through. Lasers in which dyes are used are not very powerful. They can be used to vapourize tattoo inks. Ink is like a liquid or pastes that are made up of dyes. It is most commonly found in writing pens, printing, and tattoos. Gel inks and fountain pens inks are anti-counterfeiting inks. Ink can be a complex medium made up of pigments, dyes, resins, surfactants, and many other materials. The ink’s carrier, colorants, and other additives affect the thickness of the ink and its dry appearance.