The epoxy tank lining provides corrosion resistance and maintains toughness in metal plastic and concrete tanks, which provide storage from chemicals and other materials. For the protection of the material from chemical attack, apply the epoxy inside and outside of the tank. This coating cures at a low temperature. To avoid the interior and exterior surfaces from being damaged, tank coating is being applied, and it is also famous for its high performance and durability. This epoxy tank lining is used in the lining of water tanks and fuel tanks. It saves the surface of tanks from corrosion. Some factors make it suitable for the lining in the tanks. There is a minimum absorption rate of oxygen and moisture. The oxides are created on the metallic surface of the lining due to the pH of the lining, preventing corrosion. The lining has self-healing properties and is also easily repaired without requiring much preparation. We provide a great tank lining system according to your need. The characteristic of tank lining is, to create a waterproof barrier, it must fully stick to the substrate. It should fill all the gaps. If the tank lining is not done properly, then tank corrosion, process downtime, and contamination will occur.

Protection From Corrosion

The quality coating is important. Many high-quality coatings provide resistance against corrosion and abrasion. This high-quality coating protects the inside of the tank from material that passes through and increases its life. Some specialized coatings provide chemical resistance for strong chemicals like acids, alkalis, and oxidizers. To protect the surface from corrosion, epoxy coating is mixed with the urethane topcoat. When a liquid is stored in a tank, then there is a chance to get corrosion and chemical resistance, which means that stored liquid can be more effective than dry product stored in the tank. Choose the coating that is helpful for protection from corrosion and resistance. The high-quality coating is proving to be very helpful against corrosion. A high-quality coating also does not require much maintenance. The high-quality coating may cost you high but give you the best result. Materials that are used for the construction of the tank are carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. So it is crucial to protect the interior and exterior of the tank from the environmental factors that produce corrosion to the steel. To provide convenient corrosion protection, select the best tank coating material.

Drying Paint

Applications Of Epoxy Tank Lining

Pressure Check

An epoxy tank can render higher impact durability than a conventional tank. The epoxy coating makes sure that the epoxy coating will work in any harsh weather.Corrosion is a naturally occurring process that can damage your steel tank. The tank will not be affected by corrosion when a thermally bonded epoxy coating is applied to it. It will help you to store a large amount of liquid in your tank.For chemical storage, epoxy tanks can be used. There are many different types of epoxy coating that are used for certain chemicals. Our product will provide you the suitable tank coating that you want. Epoxy coating on the tank makes it highly heat resistant. Using epoxy coating on the tank helps it to stand in ice-cold weather and under the desert sun. For water tanks, epoxy coating is very helpful. It can be used as a more stormwater retention basin, water purification tanks, Clearwater tanks, and potable water tanks.