Epoxy putty is a substance used as strong adhesives in binding, patches, fixes holes, leaks, and tears. It is a malleable substance. It is a malleable paste-like substance. In epoxy putty, two soft parts are used. A chemical reaction occurs when these two parts are mixed, which causes the putty to harden. Epoxy putty is a powerful adhesive. It is helpful for any substance to be repaired. The hardener is the epoxy putty’s main element because the hardener helps find out how rapidly putty will be cured. Our product offers you a quick repair solution for steel, irons, and other fibrous materials. Our product is the best option if you want to save time. Epoxy putty is a powerful adhesive and a highly reacting substance. It is a waterproof material. The great qualities of epoxy putty are that it can be shaped, molded, sculpted, drilled, sawed, cut, and painted. You will get our epoxy putty product at a good price. Epoxy putty is not for plastic pipes. It is highly usable for copper and galvanized steel pipes. It is also used for filling up the large holes in the pipes. Once you apply epoxy putty on your surface, after it gets hard, then you will get a tough, permanent, waterproof seal.

How To Use Epoxy Putty?

There are many epoxy putty types, but the main compositions of epoxy putty are the putty stick and two-part putty. The easier to use from both of them is the putty stick. It mixes the two-part putty with the hardener flowing in the middle. You can cut off the putty according to the amount you need and blend it with your hand until it feels ready to apply. Once you mix it with your hands, it is prepared to apply to the material or repairing area as it is soft enough to easily apply to the hole and cracks in fixing leaks pipes and creating water-tight seals. Repairing cracked and chipped concrete is as simple as filling the small crack. The thing that you do is just apply the blended putty in place of cracked and chipped concrete. If you want to get your surface smoother, you can use a wet hand or cloth on the surface where putty is applied to smoothen out your putty surface. Once your putty is cured, you can do anything you can. You can drill it, paint it, and see it once you have completed your work with epoxy putty. You can keep the leftover epoxy in its container.

Epoxy Resin in Pakistan

Uses Of Epoxy Putty


Epoxy putty can be used on the metal surfaces such as steel, brass, copper, silver gold, etc. It is also used on bathroom tiles and ceramic that are chipped. Sculptors and modelers use epoxy putty. It is used to fill the gaps. It works as a powerful adhesive that is used to bind and set the material. Once the epoxy putty is applied, it gets hard and tough and makes the waterproof seal. After the putty is hardened, it will not contract. It is used to fix leaking pipes, build up water-tight seals across the drains, and plump parts. Epoxy putty can be applied on different types of surfaces. It can also be used as modeling clay to reform the material’s appearance, such as small parts of ceramic tiles. The moisture is formed when the epoxy putty is used for any project.