Silicone Moulds

Silicone molds are the most popular dying as they do not stick to the epoxy resin. It is mostly used in jewelry, coasters, and many other articles. You can make different types of shapes by using silicone molds. These molds are affordable and are heat resistant, and provide you beautiful shape items. You can do complex casting through silicon molds. By getting two-part silicone, you can mold anything you want. It is a high-temperature epoxy. Silicon molds are used in industrial flooring, chemically resistant tank lining, chemical handling materials, and many other silicon molds are applied on metal wood fiberglass concrete masonry and other coating surfaces needing a strong chemical resistant coating. Silicon mold is the fastest way to begin with casting resin. Silicon mold is found in different shapes and sizes.
Resin and the hardener are the main parts when you are working with the epoxy resin. But it depends on the projects on which you are working. Materials such as colored pigments can also be used to give a glossy and shiny look to your end product, polished silicon molds. Cubes, balls, pyramids, stars, hearts, and many other types of shaping can be done. Anything can be done with epoxy resin. You can also make beautiful works of art and gifts.

Dried Flowers

To preserve flowers in the resin is the easiest and interesting. The first thing to do is to dry out the flower, then seal the flower before you place it in the resin. The following results of dried flowers are as follows

  • Lilacs: the flowers turn brown when the resin is put into them.
  • Cherry blossoms: the petals of flowers get contracted.
  • Common daisies: the petals of flowers become transparent.
  • Japanese maple: the area where flowers were thinner began to curl.
  • Buttercups: Pollen from the flower leaked in resin.

There are many methods to use dried flowers in resin projects. It is an easy way to create special gifts and your creative projects at home by only using a dried flower and a resin. Some examples of working with epoxy and dried flowers are making flowery jewelry such as pendants, bangles, and earrings. Dried flowers can be used in many creative works such as trinkets, coins, stone beads, wall art paperweights, bookmarks, birthday cards, flower pot holder picture stand cell phone covers, body scrubs, pot purrs, and many more.

Epoxy Resin with Flower

Heat Gun And Torch


To remove the bubbles from the epoxy floor heat gun is used. The butane torch and the propane torch are also used to remove bubbles from the surface. These guns provide heat, control, and intensity to remove bubbles from the surface to give the perfect finish to your surface. It is much safer than a propane gun because it is flameless. It is proved to be very helpful when you are working with acetone and alcohol. Heat guns are very helpful to those who used to do resin artwork. Heat guns can produce cells in your resin painting. This is compared to something like a hair straightener. If you were to use a hairdryer to pass over your surface, you would spray resin all over before you had a chance to remove the bubbles. For those of you who like to create resin art, heat guns can help you produce cells in your resin designs. It can push the resin over your drawing area so you can create different effects.